What's new?

Vehicle Projects Inc is in the process of forming a London-based affiliate, Vehicle Projects Europe Ltd, for the purpose of executing current international projects, as well as implementing follow-on projects in continental Europe. We expect the company to be formed before the end of October 2015.


For information about the aerotunneling tube vehicle, or Supersonic Institute, please visit our sister website at www.supersonicinstitute.org

Who are we?

Vehicle Projects Inc serves the transport industry by developing prototype heavy fuelcell vehicles that address societal issues such as environmental quality, time and energy efficiency, and energy security. Its core in-house activity is intellectual property creation through project conception, engineering design, and project management.
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Our projects

Vehicle Projects Inc has been awarded a contract in the UK to undertake a project to study the feasibility, and ultimately develop, an innovative, fuelcell-powered passenger rail vehicle.
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